Imagine the beach in late Summer , early in the morning when the sun is still forgiving tumblr_mp35gsh8hy1qhb2u5o1_r7_500and the sand is wet from the night ‘s events, a nice bowl of ice cream , the right soundtrack * to feel like stars in disguise , sun glasses … and “ The devil Wears Prada . ” The novel. Remember when I told you not to trust the books with  covers too ” Vogue ” style? … .. Oops ! Well , how is it that you say … the exception that makes the rule.
Yes, once again, I find myself talking about a book that roughly certainly most of you will have seen in the movie version ! And once again I invite you to follow the advice to go back to the source and read the Lauren Weisberger novel[1]; because , despite a stellar cast that I love – I mean we can see Stanley Tucci , Emily Blunt , Anne Hathaway and her ..the divine … Meryl Streep – the choice of Hollywood has fallen into the ” and they all lived happily ever after ” clichés, when Andy in the end finds the job of her dreams , rescue the boyfriend etc ; Miranda would NOT approve !

In the book instead ( SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER ) love is lost, family and friends are to regain, and she has to sweat a lot to find the job.

The plot of the book is really simple and yet captures the reader from the start: Andrea ” Andy ” Sachs is a recent graduate with the dream of becoming a writer who accepts a job as a second assistant to Miranda Priestly in the magazine ” Runway.” The work is more difficult than expected , the woman is in fact impossible to satisfy and sucks gradually the young assistant in her madness . To please her boss Andy is forced ( but is she or she has a choice? ) to abandon friends , boyfriend and family. The situations in which the protagonist finds herself in the year to the magazine are audacious , fun , border on the surreal . We can’t stop giggling behind this poor intern , but also we feel a bit of compassion for her. The girl is a disaster , she’s clumsy and inconvenient , and we love her for that. But also we come to hate her when she turns into one of the many ” cover girls ” at the service of the devil ; she gets more self-confidence but the price to pay is her behaviour .


And that is why , in my opinion , it’s worth reading it : for the humour , frivolity , the charm of dazzling world that makes us live ; but also for the moral which is hidden among the pages : the importance of distinguishing between what you are and what you do : not to lose ourselves for a job or a promise of glory .
It happened to all of us to be faced with an ethical dilemma of this kind , and it would be nice to have everything , but we have very often to make painful choices .
“Books are mirrors reflecting what we have inside ,” said Julian in The Shadow of the Wind , and if this is true , and I think it is, then the way we judge Andy’s choices reflects how we measure our own. For example , after the publication some former Vogue assistants  deployed in favour of Andy’s character , writing appreciations on the realism and the meticulousness with which the book describes the level of slavery they were subjected to .


But not all of the subordinate had  this opinion , a large number of former assistants and workers at Vogue and other cutting-edge fashion magazines , fought against the spread of the novel and its message , considering themselves offended by how they were belittled and attacked the author considering her ungrateful . This group defended the character of Miranda ( and therefore Wintour ) publishing bad reviews of “The Devil Wears Prada ” on online advertising sites .




Weisberger has always defended the book arguing that despite having taken inspiration from her year as an intern she has never pretended to write a book – truth but simply a light hearted and funny novel about the life of new graduates .
” The Devil Wears Prada ” is not an instruction manual on the fashion world , is a novel , and as such should be read and appreciated .
It is certainly not to take it literally !

It is a reading targeting mainly women , not so much for the topics – I find it absurd to divide into definite categories ; as if men could not be interested in fashion or women into auto racing –but rather for the perspective , it is a narrative from a girl for an audience of young women that can understand her and support her ( and let’s face it , criticize her ! ) .
As I am not the classic girl who goes into raptures at the prospect of an afternoon of shopping , in fact, more than once I pretended being influenced to avoid them , I must admit that reading this book made me want to dress better, cure details, manicure , buy jewellery , hats , handbags, shoes … ah shoes …… ..



Then I looked through the windows , I saw the prices , and I got back to myself!



[1] A curiosity about the author : all the covers of her novels have shoes with high heels as the main image , a bit to emphasize their connection with the fashion world , and a constant tribute to the novel that made her so famous !