tumblr_n8opg8pmkr1t19jpho1_500Winter is a strange seasonwhich lasts exactly like all the others but it seems longer, it might be for the cold, because we mount up so many commitments, because the days are shorter and you are likely to leave the house when it’s dark and returning after dark.

The sky is dark, blue-grey, the streets are busy, parks are empty if we not count some unfortunate person who has no other place to go.

But there is a moment when everything disappears, everything seems muffled and beautiful, almost magical: when it snows.

tumblr_nxk7a30sjs1u5121zo1_500In Rome it does not happen often, and in those rare occasions when it falls, unfortunately it is a big problem because the city gets paralyzed.

But when it happens it is an extraordinary sight, an example of how nature is amazing.

In meteorology the snow is a configuration of atmospheric precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, formed by a multitude of tiny ice crystals, all having base a hexagonal symmetry and often also a fractal geometry, but each of different type and often aggregates between them in a random manner to form snowflakes.

Ice crystals. That’s what the snow is. Yet it has the ability to make everything around sweeter, to warm the hearts, to give a sense of peace.


Ligabue[1] must love the snow as I do, seeing that he dedicated a book, a song and a graphic novel, all under the title “La neve se ne frega” (The snow does not care.)”

The novel is exciting, poetic, even though it is written as a direct narrative, almost conversational.

We are in an imaginary future in which the meaning of life is turned upside down: you are born artificially old and you die infant. All life is programmed by Vidor Plan, which decides what you should eat, what are the entertainments, dispatcher and couplings. Despite having been made together by the machines, the love of the protagonists is real; the harmony between them is intense and will only be upset by “hormone imbalance” of her that….

………I am very sorry because I am not sure there is an English version of this book, but I’d wanted to talk about it anyway, in case it will be translated in the future.

Graphic by: Veronica

In the meantime we wait for it, we can enjoy the soundtrack together…

[1] http://www.ligachannel.com/node/1725