Graphic by: Federica

1 lemon
– salt
– 5 parts of Tequila
– 3 parts Triple Sec
– 2 parts of lime juice


Take a glass, we pass on the edge of a slice of lemon, then grab the salt, pour into a saucer and we lean the rim of the glass. Using a shaker filled with ice, pour the tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice, shaker vigorously and pour the Margarita in a glass previously prepared.



I have always swanked of not having catastrophic addictions: I do not smoke, I do not hazard, I drink moderately. For a while I got to eat a lot of the really impressive goleador[1] fruit, but I stopped.

The only real addiction that I have always had is the one for books. No matter how many I have waiting in the library or on the bedside table, if I see one (or more) that catches my attention, I have to take it!
But it’s not a bad addiction, indeed, it endorsed me to grow, to be able to compare myself,  to learn a great deal and to vary the genres, over the years I realized that we have to read a bit of everything from classics to children’s books, from thrillers to romance.

So I felt immune and safe.

Then Grey’s Anatomy, the TV medical series created by Shonda Rhimes arrived.


I tried to stop watching the series at least three times: the first after the Meredith’s pre-mortem experience, then after the removal of Addison (which I followed in Private Practice, spin off much less victorious in my view), then after Cristina‘s departure. And punctually after days, months, even years, I came back on my feet and now I am waiting forthe thirteenth season like water in the desert!
And to say that I saw É.R., Scrubs and Dr. House so I should be saturated with medical series, but G.A. has something special.
Maybe it’s the case reports that despite the seasons always manage to be exciting, innovative and stimulating; must have a very leading support of technical staff  able to keep pace with the real medical discoveries.


Or for the characters, so extremely similar to us in spite of the fact they are brilliant surgeons. Or the death rate so high among doctors instead of patients to shake a thriller series that pushes characters and viewers to the most prescribed (and less healthy!) of the cares: the tequila! *





One really important thing that I want to underline is that GRAY’S ANATOMY IS NOT A SOAP, it is not limited to talking about who goes to bed with whom, nor is it a simple med like the others, even if the cases are well accurate and it often promote scientific’s progress; but what makes this TV series one of a kind is THE SOCIAL COMMITMENT that associates with the characters and the episodes: organ donation, discrimination of all kinds, politics, racism, violence against women, mistreatment of children. These are all fundamental topics that are treated sensitively. And I believe that relationships, the betrayals, the tequila … serve to lighten these very important themes. He lets us laugh right after we have had a good cry! And, perhaps, that’s why in the end I always come back to follow this series with gusto, but I know that I can not stop. So if you are inclined to start know that you could become addicted to you too!


Forewarned spectators,  half saved, we say in Italy!


There are 12 seasons ready to be watched, unless you want to get totally drunk to the end of the day, I recommend you to prepare the famous ” Izzie’s Muffin ” ** and plan to move from “I love Shonda” to “I want she  suffer from an excruciating torture “.



Good grief, er, vision.


**Izzie’s Muffin
(The recipe is from my mother, Mena – inspired by that of the TV series)

Ingredients (for 4):
– 1 ripe banana
– 80 g flour 00
– 35 gr melted butter
– 40 g dark chocolate, cut into cubes or drops
– 55 g sugar cane
– 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
– 1 egg



We turn on the oven to 180 ° and insert the cups in muffin mould; apart from the banana crush (we can use a fork) to reduce it in cream, to which we are going to add the melted butter and the egg finally mix well.  In a larger bowl, mix the flour, sugar and baking powder and add to the flour, mix the cream-based banana stirring to incorporate all ingredients. Shake over the 4 muffins with chocolate chips and cook for about 25 minutes.


[1] A kind of candies.