It might be because of the replication on Paramount Channel or because ofthe reunion the cast made a few days ago about the presidential debate, it might be because it remains one of my favourite shows, despite the years and the ending a bit sad … I don’t know but I felt the  need to review Will & Grace, the sitcom transmit on the screens of the NBC from 1998 to May 2006 that was the first so openly speaking about homosexuality. A theme that still seems ablaze, despite the past ten years from the closing of the show. I have always been shocked about homophobia, I just can not understand it and I find it ridiculous and inappropriate. Love is love. It’s complicated, necessary, weird, silly, but it is love. Full stop.tumblr_lly0u7qxqo1qe7wx3o1_500

Even Joe Biden, the US Vice President, has accredited the fundamental role “Will & Grace” has had in promoting the acceptance of the LGBT community, declaring in an interview that the show “has done more than anyone else so far to educate the American community on this topic”.

However what really made me become a fan of this comedy is not so much the issue whilst the dynamics and the beats of the four main characters: the crazy ideas of Jack, the irreverence of Karen [1], the snobbery of Will, the insatiable hunger of Grace.tumblr_llvlejnlze1qakdl3o1_500

Yes, because the pretty red, despite being skinny, has the attribute of eating all the time, so if you watch it for the first time do it equipped! I personally recommend a nice plate of ravioli *, because it is a show that you can safely enjoy sitting at the table during lunch or dinner to cut off from the routine.




Each episode lasts about twenty minutes, and not everyone knows that it is the only sitcom that has always had the same director, James Burrows and that every episode of Will & Grace was filmed in the study 17 of the CBS Studio Centre in Los Angeles in front of an audience in the flesh !!!- an additional curiosity is that the edifice in which is located the design studio of Grace actually exists, and is the Puck Building located at 295-309 La Fayette St. in New York, near the Little Italy district. –

The show covers all kinds of themes and does it  with the critical eye of the modern-day and a nice dose of sarcasm. It spares no one and it does make any discounts. It’s shamelessly fun. Will & Grace has been a continuous success with audiences and critics oopsalike: in its eight seasons it has won 15 Emmy; all four of the major players have taken one home.

I think that it will escort me in the long winter next to more sober, serious and deep series, because with the whole lot that’s going on in this violent and fragile world, I just need to laugh with consciousness.




* Fried ravioli with herbs
(The recipe is from my dear friend, Anna)

Ingredients for 4 people:
– 2 puff of fresh egg pasta
– 200g Fresh goat cheese
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 1 bunch of aromatic herbs (chives, basil and parsley)
– Abundant oil for frying
– Salt and pepper.




Tralie Graphic

We divest the cheese crust and we crush it in a bowl with the assist of a fork, combine 4 tablespoons of chopped herbs with the peeled garlic and we adjust salt. We cut the sheets of fresh pasta into squares of 22 cm (size can vary according to the mold that is used to cut the dough), about half of the molds obtained allocate the compound, a lump the size of a hazelnut.
With another square of puff pastry we seal for well our ravioli, being careful to adhere to the dough around the filling.
We heat copious oil in which we’re going to fry the dumplings, maximum 3 at a time, for about a minute.
Let brown for good ravioli and then we put them on a bowl covered with a paper towel, so as to remove excess oil. Then we move the dumplings on a platter, and spray them go up again with the black pepper. We strew them with the remaining chopped herbs and let us serve them warm.


[1] Vodka TonicVodka MartiniVodka Sour, three recipes to become friendly with Karen!


Drink carefully!!!