There is a summer time when you can’t stay outside. Whether you love the sea or the mountains, the sun, to say it in the Roman style, “’ ncoccia[1] ”and willy-nilly you’ll need to be sheltered from it. Whether you suffer from the heat or love it, that time of the day is infamous for everyone.

I mean, even the newscasts mention it …

That time between two and four in the afternoon: it is insufferable. It’s nap time for old people, children and timewasters.

The hour when there’s nothing on TV.
Of boredom.
And it is the time when Massimo Viviani would never ever make a cappuccino for you.
And that’s good!

Because cappuccino is a drink that goes well with breakfast with a croissant or a cake, but certainly not with a snack, pizzas or sandwiches, as tourists would like!!

Massimo is a former mathematician, divorced, who left the university to devote himself to the bar after winning the enalotto[2] and who for a series of (un) lucky coincidences finds himself involved in the criminal life of the imaginary town of Pineta, designed on the Tuscan coast between Pisa and Livorno.

Regular guests of the bar in summer and winter are the main characters of the BarLume series (a brilliant name !! Brilliant !!!), in which most of the plot takes place: the trustworthy and prosperous waitress Tiziana and the irresistible retirees -detective Pilade, Gino, Aldo and Ampelio, four “differently young” people who comment on everything and everyone outspoken with the typical Tuscan spirit.
All extraordinary, exuberant and hilarious characters, born from the pen of Marco Malvaldi[3].


Needless to say, you have to read them sitting at the bar after having ordered something absurd that makes the barrista’s mouth twist (with two r’s, as Massimo wants – even if in Italian he says “it spells barista[4]” with only one r), even if I don’t know how they were able to translate the harshly Tuscan in any other language; anyway, read it with an eye on the book and an ear on the gossip: you never know you might also come across some crime….


… .Although I prefer them to remain in the fantasies of the novel.



[1] untranslatable, it means that it is so hot that it could drive you crazy
[2] Italian lottery
[4] Bartender.