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I know, conventionally, people on Saturday night go out, but – excluding the nights of the shows – when it becomes cold (so from October to March more or less) I prefer to dedicate Friday to social life and on Saturday to burrow myself under a blanket, with pizza *! I wait the all week to be able to enjoy pizza on Saturday, it is now a habit and when it is violated due to force majeure, I get a big sadness.


For years I have been associating pizza with beer[1], and at the pizza and beer night, I associate Castle because in the Italian programming, it is always showed in the early evening that day.




Richard Castle is a famous writer struggling with a writing block, whose life is upset when a killer begins to kill by taking inspiration from his novels. Therefore he  starts collaborating with the detective Kate Beckett and her colleagues Ryan and Esposito, and finding inspiration for the action, Castle decides to make Kate his new muse and thanks to the connections with the Mayor he remains a permanent consultant for the district. The plot is not so different from so many crimes already seen, from Murder she wrote onwards, we have on tv an abundance of nosy writers. What makes Castle so special is the extraordinary dose of irony that transpires from each character and from the bizarre cases on which the group of detectives is investigating.

Murders behind closed doors, strange disguises, seers who leave messages about the killers …


It’s not the classic TV crime series because the murder, it’s just a pretext to plunge into the life of Castle and Beckett, and for a fast pace, or for jokes and weird theories, which instill good humor in the spectator. Another very funny peculiarity is that in bookstores you can find the “real” novels[2] of Richard Castle, Nathan Fillion – the actor who plays the protagonist – said that the author of the novels appears in the episode in which the new book is presented, so it is rumored that it is Tom Straw, screenwriter and sit-com author, but there is no official confirmation. It’s the perfect series for those who love the classic considering the number of quotes from the great novels, movies and TV series that have made the shiver a new genre, even the “poker buddies” of Castle are the writers: Stephen J. Cannell, James Patterson and Michael Connelly – all true writers of successful novels – who appeared in the pilot episode and in the first and second ones of the second season. In 2011, from a partnership between ABC and Marvel Comics, the graphic novel Deadly Storm was born, a graphic novel based on the daring events of Derrick Storm, one of the protagonists of the novels of Richard Castle.


Saturday is the day of relaxation, pizza is the comforting food, the beer is good and Castle is the perfect company to have a laugh at the end of a tiring week. And then, if 8 seasons in the company of the writer-detective were not enough, there is a huge choice to continue the journey together!



(the recipe is from my mother, Mena,
transmitted by my grandmother, transmitted
by her grandmother and so on ….)

castleIngredients x 1 pizza

– 500 gr of flour w 240 – 260 of strength
-270 grams of warm water
-2 teaspoons of salt dissolved in water
– 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
-1 sachet of yeast
– 300 gr of mozzarella
– 300 gr of tomato pulp


We place the flour on a flat surface and form a hole in the center where we will pour the oil and the yeast, starting to knead with warm water; we add the salt dissolved in water and continue to knead until it forms a nice smooth dough.

We leave to rise for a couple of hours or until it has tripled and then put it in the fridge.

Two hours before cooking, we remove the loaf from the fridge and divide it into two and reshuffle, we leave still leavened. The oven must be ready at the maximum temperature level; we spread the dough with the hands, and season with the tomato pulp and we cook for about five minutes, after which we add the mozzarella (you can combine all the desired ingredients, but remember that some meats must be added at the end cooking). Depending on the available oven, it may take 10 to 20 minutes for a tasty pizza to be served hot with ice-cold beer.