Mini caprese with chestnuts.
(The recipe is from my dear friend, Anna

30_ the menalist


-500g of chestnuts
-80g of salted butter
-140g granulated sugar
-60g peeled almonds
-2 eggs
-40g sweet coco
-q.b. powdered sugar
-q.b. salt


Cut the chestnuts and boil them for 20-25 minutes, peel and blend them and keep the mixture aside, then chop the almonds.
Melt the butter and separate the yolks from the white, keeping the latter aside.
Add the sugar to the egg yolks and whisk, by hand, with a whisk, then incorporate the melted butter.
Add the almonds and cocoa and continue to mix everything until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
Beat the egg whites until stiff adding a pinch of salt.
Add the blended chestnut mixture to the mixture and mix again, finally add the whipped egg whites, adding them little by little. Grease the disposable aluminum molds (The mixture should suffice for 6-7 molds) and fill them with the mixture for about two thirds, then bake at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

In the meantime, let’s boil the water for the tea, because you absolutely, unquestionably, cannot watch The Mentalist without a cup of tea! Red, like John. But let’s go in order: we boil the water, immerse ourselves in the Roobois sachet and wait for the infusion to do its duty; in the meantime, once the cookies have cooled, place them on a cake stand and sprinkle the sweets with icing sugar.

After that, all that remains is to meet the charming and impertinent Patrick Jane.

I watched this series, like many others, by pure chance; one afternoon in October I was in the living room with my mother and while zapping we happened to stop on the only channel not broadcasting replays. At the beginning the show did not motivate us, it seemed a bit the usual story of the crime that begins and ends in the episode, then the turning point, the next afternoon we come across an episode in which it approximately explains what we lost in those precedents and a world opens up, and a new obsession.
Between an ironing, a washing machine and an editing review, at 5 pm we met in the living room, robois and sweets * (those not every day, however) and commented together on the progress of Jane’s investigation against Red John.

Patrick in fact, we soon discovered, is not a detective but a consultant who for years pretended to be a mentalist[1] by cheating anyone and who in a moment of egotism challenged – inadvertently – the notorious serial killer Red John, doubting and belittling him, and in revenge the lethal psychopath kills his wife and little daughter in his own home.
Since then, Jane begins to investigate with the aim of finding and killing John, and for her part the serial killer does not disdain the hunt and leaves more or less useful traces to the Mentalist.

Jane’s obsession with John is matched only by his obsession with tea, whatever happens, whatever murder is on the agenda, Patrick has his steaming cup in his hands.

Unfortunately, the rest of the cast is not just up to par, and that’s why at the beginning mum and I weren’t passionate about it, the other characters are a bit gloomy, at least in the first seasons, but then luckily everyone acquires a place in the game between Jane and John.

A curiosity of the TV series lies in the titles of the episodes, in fact up to the eighth of the sixth season, the word “red” or other terms that refer to color (such as “blood”, “crimson” or “cherry”) always appear. This is a clear reference to the name of serial killer Red John, who, while not appearing in all the episodes, is regularly involved in the psychological life of the protagonist. In the Italian version, the word “red” is always put in the titles, even when in the original title are found other words.

This chess game stuck my mom and me on TV for three seasons until an ending (3x 24 Red strawberries with cream – part II) which I don’t reveal but which was nothing but perfect! We jumped off the couch, and we were tremendously happy with it.
We were accepting to finding another snack companion when…. they announced the fourth season.


And after that, three more.
Seven seasons in total, of which, however, despite having watched them all for a kind of emotional bond (and having an excuse to drink red tea and eat sweets!), only three are the ones I recommend to everyone.
Of course, you will go on, because Red John is back, and you can’t stop yourself from understanding what the hell they are inventing … but the seventh, no, the seventh please exclude it. A crazy flop.
My mom wanted to quit and it was I who forced her to see it through but… no!
A bit like Revenge who had to overdo it – ah, in the end I couldn’t resist and I also watched the fourth. No comment.

Jane and John, for me their fight ends at 3×24, and it’s THE ending I want for all TV series of this genre.

And, taking this into account, I highly recommend it.

But please don’t approach Patrick without robois or tea, or there will be trouble….