August 2005, I just finished high school, what will it be like to give a gift ???
It’s my brother’s birthday again, how could this happen? Oh yes that’s right, it’s an anniversary, or a recurrence that falls every year, and every time I don’t know what to give him.
No, not right now. To date I have an endless list of gifts that I know for sure he will like him, but that fatal year my brother was in the height of adolescence, that is, that period in which “everything sucks, you all suck, that’s disgust”, so understand what could make him “a little less disgusting” was not easy …


I have no other choice. Although home libraries are about to burst it is really the only thing with which I have an attempt not to see the expression of someone who has just eaten a rotten lemon on his face.
He loves fantasy.
So, fantasy book.
I go to a well-known bookstore in the city centre, I get a decompensation: the covers are almost all the same, even the plots and, OMG even the titles!

How is it possible?

However, I’m losing the thread, returning to that cursed August, finally a different title attracts me, but above all it strikes me that the author is Italian! An astrophysicist, a woman!
In short, a kind of alien!
It is also a nice volume with all three volumes of the saga, the price is reasonable.

I took it.

October 2006, my brother enters my room without knocking, a habit I hate, but I pass over it, since I was calculating how many pages a day I would have to study to be able to take seven exams in the January session.
<< This book is wonderful! You absolutely must read it!! >>
<< What book? >>
He exhibits it in all its splendour: << Chronicles of the Emerged World by Licia Troisi >>.
<< Ah, you finally read it, I gave it to you, you know? >>
<< Yes I know. Read it! >>

Image result for read it gif

It will be that I need a break, it will be that I want to approach fantasy, it will be that having bought it I seem right, the fact is that I read it.
And I’m passionate!

A whole Autumn in the company of Nihal, the Land of the Wind, Elves, Gnomes, Dragons and unknown lands.
Of adventures and vicissitudes, of puzzles to solve and characters to love, and to hate. What I liked most is the parallelism between the internal and external journey of the characters, who face not only literal, but also emotional, psychological stages of their existence, and in doing this they grow with the reader.
It amazes me that the happy ending is not taken for granted, that the “good guys” (if there are any) don’t always just go all the way, indeed. They often lose. Maybe it was this trait that really got me hooked.

It is a captivating trilogy capable of involving at any age, in a different way. We became so enthusiastic and attached to Troisi’s way of writing that we subsequently also read “Legends” and “Wars” always linked to the Emerged World, with equally strong and intelligent protagonists. And with plots that are not at all obvious, and above all a happy ending not always achieved.

Lately my brother is reading the new saga, “Nashira”, I still have to recover, but in the meantime, I recommend starting the long journey of fantasy to all those who are tired of reality, who want to daydream, to those who have facing an Autumn full of responsibility and wants to feel like a warrior. To those who transform their insecurities into strength, to those who still have some hope in a better world, and to those who have lost it.
I know that there are two conflicting factions, those who believe that Troisi’s style is too “light” and those who adore her. To posterity the arduous sentence, what I would like to emphasize is that fantasy is not a subgenre, and even if it were, it has the great advantage of transporting us away for a while, it transforms us into heroes, perhaps it is not worth the risk. and open the book to experience all this?