(the recipe is taken from an Expo2015 cookbook)


Ingredients for 2 Okonomiyaki

For the dough:

– 300 grams Flour
– 2 eggs
– 400ml of water
– Head cabbage to taste
– Bulldog sauce
– Prepared for Okonomiyaki

For the dressing

“Okonomi” means “whatever you want”, and that’s why we can indulge ourselves when we prepare this dish, trying new versions for each new episode! It is an excellent dish to help us empty the refrigerator.
For a fish-based okonomiyaki we will use cuttlefish, shrimp and octopus, while if we want to make a meat-based okonomiyaki we will use beef carpaccio and pork belly.
Just before serving the okonomiyaki, add some tonkatsu sauce.


We mix the flour with water, clean the cabbages, cut them very finely and add them to the dough, then add all the other ingredients cut into small pieces.
We mix until we get a well-mixed dough and cook over medium heat in a pan for a few minutes until well cooked.

Evolution is an imperfect and often violent process. Morality loses meaning. The struggle between good and evil boils down to an elementary choice: survive or succumb. “[1]

“Poor the world that needs heroes”, Galileo said some time ago, just a few centuries … I never fully shared this thought of his. I think it’s a good thing to aspire not so much to have heroes as to be.

In the everyday world I believe there are many, some choose professions in which this talent is highlighted, such as firefighters, doctors, policemen. Others are silent heroes like volunteers, blood donors, good people.

But in the imagination we go wild, we give them faculties and powers above the norm, deluding ourselves that this way our world could really change.

Often forgetting that where there are superheroes, there are super villains!

I have always loved superheroes, the idea that there are extraordinary people who can do unspeakable things for the rest of humanity. It especially fascinates me when the powers of these supernatural beings come not from distant planets or nuclear radiation, nor from animals or poisons, but from themselves. From evolution. From that 70% of our brain that we do not use and that perhaps, who knows, could hold the key to transformation.

X-man is my favorite comic for this very reason, so imagine my reaction when my brother came home in the summer of 2006 telling me that in September a TV series about contemporary heroes would be launched, with characters who, despite being ordinary people, they find themselves experiencing incredible events, saving the world, crossing each other as if they were linked by the chain of destiny.

Heroes, not superheroes. It is a distinction that I like.

Let us say that one of the protagonists will be Milo Ventimiglia aka Jess from Gilmore Girls you won’t find it hard to imagine that I was waiting for the broadcast for the rest of the summer (then I was still waiting, how naive, huh?).

Would I have been disappointed? Ecstatic? I was very excited.

On September 20 I was in front of the TV with my brother and for two hours we were speechless in front of a product so similar to our beloved comics and at the same time completely distinct, new. Like in a comic, the series is divided into seasons, into “volumes”: Genesis, Generations, Villains and Fugitives and Redemption. Who run through the five fundamental phases of the history of any set of superheroes: the birth and discovery of their powers, the confrontation with a new threat, the search for a way to make the acquisition of powers artificially possible, the struggle for survival.

Heroes completely succeeds in its intent, that of perfectly transposing modern superheroes into a TV series, clearing very complicated and imaginative plots, a puzzle in which the pieces of each episode, of each character, match those of another protagonist. Places, languages, distances do not stop the fate of this varied group of extraordinary men and women – among which I want to highlight Hiro Nakamura (played by Masi Oka – Scrubs) and Niki Sanders (Ali Larter – Final Destination 2); who face a double threat: the internal one led by one of the most convincing villains of all time, Sylar (Zachary Quinto – Star Trek), and the external one led by Government agent Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman – Dynasty).

Unfortunately, the TV programming was a real disaster, they changed its location, time, over and over again, so only in the summer of 2009 my brother and I were able to see it all and enjoy every episode, among other things, in the meantime it had also arrived the second season so we had a real feast.

In love with the character of Hiro, we made ourselves – when possible – a belly of Japanese food *, now that it is easily affordable, cleared through customs, I highly recommend it because it goes very well !!!

It is still one of my favorite series to this day, even without a real ending[2], even with obvious narrative holes. But it is magical, extraordinary, super. It was able to build an entire narrative world full of wonderful characters, a universe in which you are on the side of the good but remain bewitched by the villains, a TV series that makes you reflect on the danger of superpowers, but which at the same time you find them makes you aspire, you crave for those powers, and what I like most about Heroes is perhaps the variety of powers, which being the result of evolution are not always perfect and for grandeur such as cell regeneration or teleportation, there are visions catastrophic, lightning from the hands and the sucking of energy(as in Xman, to which they are obviously inspired), and that despite the powers, the responsibilities , being different, the protagonists still find themselves having to face everyday life: family crises, problems at work, nepotism, lack of money …

With the difference that they all have a broader purpose: to save the world.

“Save the cheerleader, save the world” is the recurring phrase of the first season, every screenwriter should take it as a warning and change the word cheerleader with “fantasy” given the lack of originality of recent times, reboots, spin-offs and morbid attachments to products that should have been gone by many seasons.

Will they succeed?

You just have to prepare some delicious Okonomiyaki and start the Heroes 4 seasons marathon to find out!

[1] From the episode 1×06.
[2] Heroes itself had to return to the screens with a new look, new plots and new characters, but Heroes: Reborn was a flop from the very first episodes and the network decided to cancel the series before I could have a way to approach it.