“The human brain is made up of approximately one hundred billion nerve cells connected to each other by more than one hundred thousand synapses. Individual thoughts are formed at an incredibly high speed, well before the mind can express them in verbal form “[1]

Do you ever get “called” by a book? He is there, on his shelf with many others, and when you pass it is as if it were whispering “take meeeeee, read meeeeee”.

I hope so or I begin to think I am hallucinating. Or maybe it’s just the post-book effect.

Anyway, three years ago I walked past a shelf and Wulf Dorn’s “The Psychiatrist” called me, seduced me into taking it. But then for one reason or another I kept it there, on my shelf to collect dust and time, without reading it. Until this winter, on a mostly rainy afternoon, while I was arranging the room, I again felt that magical, disturbing and almost hypnotized call I took it and I finally started this adventure with Ellen Roth, The Black Man and her unnamed patient.

Translating this article, I discover that this book has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Turkish (originally written in German) but not in the Anglo-Saxon language[2].

What a pity!

Mostly because from the very first pages I seemed to see shadows everywhere, to hear voices, not to be particularly safe. And I think this makes the novel an outstanding thriller like I haven’t read in a while. Lately, the crossing with the classic yellow with an ironic vein or with romance, has to a certain degree flattened the psychological and painful part that the thriller genre must convey. With this novel it returned in all its tragic glory, so much so that it made me shake like a leaf at every thunder.

One afternoon I was so fascinated that when my friend opened the front door I let out a scream!

I’m probably discouraging someone with this description, but in my opinion anxiety, fear, are the ingredients of a good psychological thriller and if you like the genre I recommend not only “The Psychiatrist” but all the novels by the German Dorn.

In winter, of course, when the rain discharges on the windows and the shadows are deep, when the darkness is the greater part of the day and all fears come out….