It has happened to everyone (I guest, at least) in life to have a partner saddle up despite there being categorically nothing tender. The reasons are the most varied, from the most logical: you are very friends and others misunderstand; to the most absurd: that person likes someone who, to justify his failure, convinces himself that he is with someone else, with you, in particular.

Once I was given up for go together with a guy I didn’t even know except by sight, vaguely, just because he often happened to catch the bus at the same time. Another time, however, I felt asked how my cohabitation with my boyfriend was going ….

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Usually these rumors are not harmful, at most they could be a problem if the person you really like thinks you are already engaged with someone else, but once silenced and clarified that the gossip is false everything goes back to normal.

But once an episode happened to me that is incredible and that makes me more and more convinced of the fact that no screenwriter will ever be able to match the absurdity of real life!

It was a summer and I was ready for the classic summer flirts. I went out for an ice cream with a friend and met a small group of guys who immediately start talking – ah the good times when you still allowed face to face approaches!!!

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We chat, laugh, joke, one of them asks me if we want to see each other the next afternoon, alone.

Why not, I tell myself, after all it is Summer, he is very nice and nice….

… I had never accepted.

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The next afternoon he takes me to a bar where he introduces me to his sister and a cousin. Premature, I think, but it could also have been a coincidence that she was there, and it would have been rude not to introduce us, right?

We spend the afternoon chatting and switching a few kisses and nothing more, with the promise to meet again at the weekend if we were both free.

It seemed the dawn of the classic story that you don’t even recall at the end of the month.

Except that I wasn’t free that weekend. He got very angry, he was upset, he wrote me a kind of song / poem about how unfair it was to have left him alone for two whole days….

A little upset, I decided to leave it alone, but my friend – who had aimed at her friend and needed a wingman – convinced me to go out again, because basically cute was cute, right?

As if that were enough.

Anyway, we’re doing this group outing where I realize more and more that this guy and I have nothing in common, and not even the prospect of a summer flirt is enough to keep me on the list. I’m thinking about how to diplomatically tell him when we walk into the same club on the first date and this time I discover that it belongs to his family, to which he introduces me as “his girlfriend”.

Mom, dad, uncles, grandparents, cousins, in-laws, parade in front of me like in a nightmare from which I can’t wake up.

Within ten minutes I was invited to two weddings and a baptism, and for a moment I believe and hope that someone will come out at any moment shouting “it’s all a joke!” laughing with and at me.

Instead the minutes pass, the grandmother tells me the whole story of the family, but no one comes to save me. Aggravating: my friend and her sweetheart have run away with the excuse of a birthday and I’m there staring at the guy who, smiling and proud, treats me as if I were his future bride.


But how? But when? But above all, why?

Immediately after I achieved to convince him to take me home (giving him the wrong address!) I asked him for an explanation and he seemed really disappointed by my lack of enthusiasm for the formalization of the report.

But what relationship if we have kissed twice ?!

Total despair for two days, he finally resigned himself to the fact that between us there was not only this great love but there was absolutely nothing at all.

 At the time I didn’t even realize how dangerous this behavior could be, fortunately it wasn’t for me, just embarrassing. But hearing everything that has been happening in recent months I realize how lucky I was that he was just a little eccentric and not a crazy stalker!

Anyway, a couple of months later I met him on the bus and I couldn’t avoid him, so I greeted him with detachment, instead he happily introduces me to H. “my girlfriend!”, He says.

And I, looking at her with a little pity, can’t help but wonder, who knows if she knows….