August is one of those months when if you live in the city, you risk going crazy.

August is that month so hot that any method is acceptable to cool off: even doing the ice-challenge or a more homemade variant …

Personally, on days too busy to go to the beach and really too hot to even go out and run to the pool, I shoot the fan at speed 3, put my feet in a basin of water and salt, in one hand junk food and ice-cold beer, and remote control in the other for a Shameless marathon.

I must admit that the first time I watched this TV series I felt very uncomfortable and I couldn’t even finish the episode, in about fifteen minutes I witnessed violent scenes, explicit sex and a cacophonic language to say the least. .

I therefore excluded her from my list of TV series to follow.

But then August arrived, the evil mosquitoes survived even the most sophisticated poison, the air turned hot, I couldn’t sleep, I turned on the TV and after an hour of zapping I decreed that all in all having a laugh with Shameless was the lesser of evils.

And so, one sleepless night after another, I became passionate about the Gallagher dramas, Fiona’s unlucky loves, Ian’s bipolarism, Lip’s foul-mouthed sensitivity. Even Frank’s vulgar arrogance.

If thanks to the alignment of the planets at night I was able to fall asleep and missed the appointment, then the next day I was looking for the episode online and before I knew it, I became addicted, I completely gave up television programming, overcoming it in few days.

At night, it remains my favorite way to admire this little gem; overcoming the trauma of language and such direct themes, I realized that in reality it deals with some very serious and important topics. Poverty, social assistance, drugs, homosexuality, mental illness.

It does so without morals, without basic do-gooders, on the contrary.

The only drawback is that looking at it you risk putting on ten kilos because it’s hard to resist between gogo beer and junk food that makes you want to eat. Despite being below the poverty line by Chicago standards, the Gallaghers always find a way to have food on the table (and certainly not healthy dishes, but pizza, burgers, hot dogs *, waffles, lasagna from three days ago, roast chicken. and so on), and beer at will. They also drink hard liquor, but beer is the family drink, the one you always find.

I was very surprised to see actors like Joan Cusak (“My Sister’s Keeper” – “I’ll Marry You If You Run”), Dermot Mulroney (“My Best Friend’s Wedding”) and Sasha Alexander (“Rizzoli and Isle“) take leaves at the show. And even more exceptional was learning that before the US version there was the UK version in which none other than James McAvoy (“X-men” – “Split”) starred!

Apparently, however, the US version has had much more success and recognition …

There is no doubt that this is one of those TV series that you love or hate, there is no middle ground, or you become passionate about the dramas of the Gallagher family and their wacky neighbors, you learn to laugh with them and find bizarre solutions. to every problem; or the TV turns off on impulse with a feeling of latent shame.

At the moment I am a little behind the official schedule, but I am convinced that this August without holidays and which promises to be very hot, will be the right opportunity to get back on par with these shaky summer buddies.

* Hot Dog Chicago Style
(the recipe is from my English friend, John)

Ingredients (x2 hot dogs):

– 2 hot dog buns with sesame seeds
– 4 Wurstel cooked on the grill or steamed
– Mustard to taste
– ½ chopped white onion
– 2 whole pickled gherkins
– 2 chopped pickled gherkins
– 4 pickled green chillies
– 1 sliced tomato
– Salt to taste.



We steam the bread and arrange 2 grilled sausages for each sandwich, season with plenty of mustard and add the chopped pickled gherkins; with a spoon distribute the onion, tomato slices and 2 chillies for each sandwich. Finely slice the whole gherkins and place them on the frankfurters, at this point we sprinkle with salt and smear our clothes by eating them!

I have to admit, I’m not my favorite variation, not being a fan of either gherkins or onion, but being set in Chicago it felt like a good combination. Personally, I simply dress the hot dog with mustard, mayonnaise and dried tomatoes, a more Italian variant.
The important thing is that you NEVER, NEVER, put ketchup, unless you want to upset the people of Chicago, and believe me, you don’t want to!