“Those who have started dying never stop doing so”

― Alessandro Baricco, Emmaus

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When a person gives away a book, they need to be very careful. We enter the depths of the person we want to give it to, we go and say to this person “I know you, I know you will like it because …”, and at the same time we reveal a little about ourselves. From the choice, from the dedication, from the packaging. It is a long exchange of silent emotions.

I know that many people give away books by hearsay, or fashion, or at the last second or the one with the most captivating cover, the best price or both.

But whoever gives away a book intentionally is building a bridge, a pact of trust. Therefore I tend to give away only novels that I have read and that really made me think of that person to whom I decide to give it.

Unless it’s a direct request, of course.

When I read Emmaus by Alessandro Baricco, I thought of my friend A.

A lot.

Yet it took me three years to decide to buy her a copy. Because the emotions described in this 136-page book are immense and extreme for those who have experienced that pain, that overwhelm, that wonder seriously.[1]

A. and I have lived very very bad experiences, albeit very different. And I have often admired her for her strength to face pain.

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“We are full of words whose true meaning we haven’t been taught, and one of those words is suffering. Another is the word death. We don’t know what they mean, but we use them, and this is a mystery.”
Alessandro Baricco, Emmaus

But it’s one thing to think about it, it’s another thing to tell it through a book. Baricco’s way of writing is painful, very well written, with sentences that strike the heart, that we recognize and in which we recognize ourselves, could be ours. Rather. They are. The characters are simply reflected in the faces of our connections. And we ask ourselves the same questions as the protagonists, and the faithful of the Gospel from which the title is taken:

How is it possible that we do not really recognize and understand the people around us? They eat with us, they live with us, yet we don’t recognize them.


“The air in his face, the cold in his hands, his forgetfulness, my certainties, Andre’s body – we were in the same love. So we died together – and until I die, we will live together. “
Alessandro Baricco, Emmaus

This novel is for those who have an unbridgeable void in their soul that is filling with time, experience, affection, great strength of mind. A little’. Never fully.

It is for those who are not afraid of Baricco’s strong emotions, direct and at the same time poetic writing.

It is for sinners, for the mad, for the sad. For those who want redemption. To take back something that life has taken from them too soon.

It is for those who want to see the light again. The bright one. For those who want to feel the warmth of the sun on their skin, and think that sometimes this is enough to feel better.

[1] A painful and lyrical chronicle of adolescence…Finishing it feels like waking up from a dream.”—Three Percent