Since I have Netflix, I have started to diverge a lot in the choice of TV series, if with generalist TV I was in fact a bit forced to choose between teen drama and crime, now I have any genre at my disposal.

So, while the infernal heat was imminent since June, I looked for something different, funny but also with a good plot, and with a length that was not excessive (like GOT“Power, Seduction, Wine… other Wiiiine!!!) but not even minimal (like New Girl).

So, I saw the iZombie icon by chance, and I must say I was very skeptical. The zombie stories are not exactly my favorite ones, because they tend to duplication and refer to each other, so watched one, watched all! Furthermore, a few months earlier I had tried to watch The Walking Dead with my friends Federica and Anna with very poor results, so much so that I sadly abandoned it at the end of the first season (even if Federica then picked it up again and changed her mind).

After doing another half an hour, however, I was not convinced to watch anything else and so, I surrendered and started my adventure with Liv Moore and her fabulous friends!

Funny is coming!!!!

 And, also enthusiasm for the plots! And…. for the food!!!!

Well, because although in the best tradition Liv is forced to feed on the human brain, she does it in such a tasty and refined way with recipes that are gradually more and more captivating, to make you hungry!

And, even if I wouldn’t eat the brain even under torture, it immediately reminded me of the recipe for the fried brain * of my father’s family, recovered from my mother who generously lends it to us.

Personally, however, I prefer to watch it with a nice plate of stewed tripe (, if it’s too hot, fried (

I recommend you watch it with friends because the life of Liv and her groups is full of adventures to comment on, starting with my favorite part:  every time she eats a brain, she takes on the personality of its previous owner. So, we will see her serious and studious, or alcoholic, or brazen or shy. And these sudden  personality changes take the narrative to a level of great performance for actress Rose McIver and pure enjoyment for the viewer.

Liv decides to use this “ability” to help the police solve murder cases, but she soon finds herself involved in a real zombie hoop …

I later discovered that the general plot is taken from a comic, as often happens lately, and this explains many of the director’s choices, starting with the initials  and the pop references.

In short, the ingredients are all there: mysteries, zombies, fun, crime… you just have to enjoy the series!

* Fried brain
(the recipe is given by my mom, Mena)


-600 grams of calf brain
-3 eggs
-Extra virgin olive oil
-Black pepper
-1 lemon


First, we buy the veal brain from a trusted butcher and then leave it to soak in cold water for about half an hour.

Meanwhile, boil a saucepan with two fingers of water.

Let’s immerse the brain and scald it for a minute at most.

Let it cool and with your fingers remove the film covering the brain, which we will then cut into slices about 2 centimeters thick.

We salt and pass them in the flour, then in the beaten eggs and finally in the breadcrumbs.

We fry in hot oil until golden brown.

Drain, dry in absorbent paper and sprinkle with black pepper, accompany everything with cranberry jams and bruschetta.