“The Chinese and the Crocodile”

Winter. Roll neck, hot mugs, good dishes and comforters. Fireplace. The snow. Chat with friends in front of board games.

I always imagined that I would spend the winter like this in my personal house. I don’t know if I thought I was becoming a millionaire or just as a good screenwriter I let myself be carried away by fiction, because I live in my own home, winter is coming, but I not only don’t have a fireplace, nor rooms for everyone, but I will work about 12h at the day so I doubt I’ll want to prepare delicious banquets or play after dinner …

It would be nice to have a life Friends style where you live together, work occasionally, spend your free time together and despite this you also have time to have different love relationships and not; but the reality is a little closer to Grey’s Anatomy in which every single day an unexpected bad luck happens and every proposal ruins and you have to get up again and again, and again, and again …

Fortunately, to console us from all this there are pizza, chocolate and… BOOKS !!!! My beloved, most precious books, with which I am now surrounded. And so, while the first cold falls on Rome, condensing my breath, I find myself looking for something that fits perfectly with the day and my mood.

The book is there, too bad I have already read it, but I can always recommend it to you!

I have already talked about the author, Maurizio De Giovanni, and the saga of his wonderful green-eyed and heartbroken commissioner, but today another of his books comes to mind, one that should be read when you have a little of nostalgia in the soul. A veiled melancholy. Not that you have to be sad and crybaby eh, but it takes a bit of predisposition to poetry. And to the tragedy.

Risultati immagini per crocodile gif

The protagonist is called Lojacono (known as The Chinese for his elongated eyes and always pensive gaze), and someone might know him for the TV series based on the second saga written by De Giovanni: I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone, the city is Naples, the murder a strange individual who seems to cry immediately after killing his victims and for this reason is called Crocodile.

Grab a steaming cup of hot chocolate, a good dose of whipped cream, the right soundtrack * and immerse yourself in this harrowing and extraordinary story with an unpredictable ending and noir atmosphere.

Storytelling is something pure, wonderful, descriptions so intimate that you are completely inside the story.

No wonder policewoman or batdetective, simple investigative minds that with effort and intuition try to solve the case and private life. In this the series is missing a lot! But in his defence it must be said that this “prequel” has not been included. The homesickness that Lojacono has and at the same time the rejection for that land that sent him away, and for this land that hosted him with bad grace, accompanies us for all the pages. And it shows us how important it is to find a small refuge that makes us feel at home, even if only for a while. A person who is willing to share some silence, or to loudly fill it; it is not just a thriller, but a cross-section of real life, a narrative of ethical introversion of the various main characters, a novel that talks about affection, hatred, pain and family.

You will see that you will want to read all the others too. If I’m wrong, let me know.

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