I miss traveling so much, that despite being very backward with the English part, despite being writing little lately and relying mostly on the reblog, I decided to add a new topic.

It is a perversion of life to make more and more commitments than necessary, to start new projects while not having closed the previous ones yet.

But if I can’t take a plane, a train, a car, a ship, a spaceship … and disappear for a while, discover new cultures, languages, tastes and colors, that at least we can do it together with the memory, the imagination, the thoughts.

Ironically, exactly two weeks before the lockdown, I had bought a scratching map. Every goal off the surface.


I had in mind so many of those trips in this 2020 that I would only see home in my dreams.

I also bought two new mega frames in which to insert new photos, new emotions.


And instead…

The situation does not seem to improve, on the contrary, I have the feeling and the terror that we will soon return to sing from the upper tier, and it will be a loooong winter. That I already don’t have a good relationship with the cold, without even being able to deal with it while traveling, I will need psychological support.


As always, mine won’t be reviews, I don’t have the desire, the ability, 


or the patience. It will be the story of my experience as a traveler, simple, without advice or votes.

If you like, you can write me your experience as a traveler, your reflections, your memories.


To get through to this strange and scary year of life on pause, together.