I love when a TV series makes you think, it puts you in front of a moral dilemma and with each episode it confuses you more and more… it is not a static product, it is not a passive relationship. This show brings the viewer to take an active part, questions which faction to choose, and – for the first time – put a completely different point of view on religious cults.

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

Winter, apartment under renovation, there are homeless seeking shelter against sub-zero temperatures, the builder chases them away. He has to do it. But then he goes out quickly, comes back shortly after with a shopping bag and a couple of steaming sandwiches, goes to the homeless and leaves them everything.


Is it the proximity to Christmas, or – like me – did he just finished The Path and had a great need to do good to humanity, seasoned with a vague but constant sense of guilt?
Perhaps he is just a generous man, the fact is that it is rare to see such a gesture and it remains impressed on me.
Especially since, as I mentioned, I have just finished to watch the second season of one of the most ambiguous series ever.
How thin is the line between good and evil?
When we do a good action, are we…

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