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“Conosciamoci un po’ meglio: SEI STATO NOMINATO, 2.0 ”

L'ho proposto taaaaaaaaaaanto tempo fa, perciò perché non provarci di nuovo, magari ci dà quella sferzata che serve a fine anno per affrontare il nuovo!   Siamo tanti, ci seguiamo a vicenda, a volte qualcuno scrive dei pezzi che sembrano usciti dalla mia testa e dalla mia penna, altre volte scrivo io qualcosa che pensate… Continue reading “Conosciamoci un po’ meglio: SEI STATO NOMINATO, 2.0 ”

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“It is forbidden to drink cappuccino after 2 pm”

Needless to say, you have to read them sitting at the bar after having ordered something absurd that makes the barrista’s mouth twist (with two r’s, as Massimo wants – even if in Italian he says “it spells barista[4]” with only one r), even if I don’t know how they were able to translate the harshly Tuscan in any other language; anyway, read it with an eye on the book and an ear on the gossip: you never know you might also come across some crime….

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

There is a summer time when you can’t stay outside. Whether you love the sea or the mountains, the sun, to say it in the Roman style, “’ ncoccia[1] ”and willy-nilly you’ll need to be sheltered from it. Whether you suffer from the heat or love it, that time of the day is infamous for everyone.

I mean, even the newscasts mention it …

grhowivThat time between two and four in the afternoon: it is insufferable. It’s nap time for old people, children and timewasters.

The hour when there’s nothing on TV.
Of boredom.
And it is the time when Massimo Viviani would never ever make a cappuccino for you.
And that’s good!

Because cappuccino is a drink that goes well with breakfast with a croissant or a cake, but certainly not with a snack, pizzas or sandwiches, as tourists would like!!

tumblr_ni7pckcpij1tq4of6o1_500Massimo is a former mathematician, divorced, who…

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Libri & Altri Rimedi

“Ghostwriter alla riscossa”

Un giorno sono rimasta una ventina di minuti a fissare una lucertola. Se ne stava sotto un muretto, spalmata al sole, immobile. Le persone le passavano anche piuttosto vicine, ma lei niente. Non ho idea se le lucertole abbiano dei pensieri, dovrei chiederlo al nostro caro Francesco, ma se ne hanno in quel momento scommetto… Continue reading “Ghostwriter alla riscossa”