Men, Women and Other Aliens

“The Experiment”

I would be tempted to do it again, but technologies are my only communication in a summer without holidays …

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

«This is enough! I have made my decision! I want to spend a week without any new technology. People have done it for generations and generations in the past, I was born when most of these diabolical objects werenot even in the market, so I can! I switch everything off. »


I started this experiment when I came back from vacations. Having been abroad, I felt partially detoxified by the technology and it seemed to me to be a good time.
I was a bit tired by this kind of interdependence between the computer and me and I also started wondering how to do something without tech support  should an hecatomb or a blackout  happen.  .

[I do not want to play the part of the naive but … as soon as I decided to leave withouttechnology I got the flu! And not the light ones, I don’t…

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Uomini, Donne & Altri Alieni


<<Adesso basta! Ho deciso! Voglio stare una settimana senza le nuove tecnologie. Ce l’hanno fatta per generazioni e generazioni in passato, io stessa sono nata quando la maggior parte di questi oggetti diabolici non erano stati commercializzati, perciò lo faccio. Spengo tutto.>>   Ho iniziato questo esperimento tornata dalle vacanze. Essendo stata all’estero ero già… Continue reading “L’esperimento”