“The Closer: Desserts And Crimes”

chocolate is always a good idea

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

*Chocolate Pleasure
(the recipe is a variation of Cake au chocolat praline by Pierre Herm)


Ingredients (for Praline noisette)
– 60 g hazelnut praline
– 60 g of hazelnut paste
– 30 g of milk chocolate 45%
– 60 g of crepes dentelles crumbled
– 10 g of burro25 g of chopped hazelnuts

(For the syrup)
– 200 g of granulated sugar
– 180 g of water
– 1/2 vanilla bean

  (For the cake)
– 250 g of butter
– 65 g of clarified liquid butter (or just clarified)
– 315 g of granulated sugar
– 250 g of weak flour
– 60 g unsweetened cocoa powder
– 320 g of whole eggs
– 7 g of chemical yeast

(For Icing)
– 100 g of pate à glacer (Valrhona)
– 40 g of dark chocolate 72%
– 10 g of grape seed oil of seeds
– 20…

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“Chocolat, Pralines & Cinnamon’s Scent”

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

3_eng chocolat
 Graphic by: Federica

The streets full of lights , the cheeks flushed , the hands rubbing between the gloves , the music that creeps in every corner of the decorated streets .
There are those who criticize it , those who love it , those who try to ignore it , who are waiting for it the whole year , butChristmascertainly does not get unnoticed .

The ads become all themed , kids are eager to get presents , loneliness runs over those who do not want to share .
Sitting in a corner of a chocolate shop , 12warm and protected from the elements and resentments, you can order afilled cup of delicious hot brown liquid plenty of cream, a varied assortment of small bon – bon and throw yourself into the soft romance ” Chocolatby Joanne Harris[1]no, even if Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche…

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“The Fitzek’s Therapy (with Chocolate)”

https://youtu.be/xanCvQysRgc   My friends and I for some years have got into the habit of making a "wish list" for the birthday and for Christmas, in order to be sure to make and receive only what we like, but above all to not collect spares. In my 2016 list there was a book that I … Continua a leggere “The Fitzek’s Therapy (with Chocolate)”