“Skipped Christmas with Cookies and Margarita”

When I watch the TV series set in warm places like Australia or California and I find the Christmas episode, I get a great envy. I can’t tolerate the cold, and as much as I like the snow, hot chocolate and the front of the fireplace, I would exchange all this immediately and without regret … Continua a leggere “Skipped Christmas with Cookies and Margarita”

“Chocolat, Pralines & Cinnamon’s Scent”

The streets full of lights , the cheeks flushed , the hands rubbing between the gloves , the music that creeps in every corner of the decorated streets . There are those who criticize it , those who love it , those who try to ignore it , who are waiting for it the whole year , … Continua a leggere “Chocolat, Pralines & Cinnamon’s Scent”