“That’s a very Goodmorning”

My mornings were filled with new life, and even when I had to change its position in my schedule because of busy morning, I remained loyal to the idea that HIMYM was my good morning. And that’s why I suggest you look after preparing the eggs Benedict * shared with a nice frozen ** : the champions’ breakfast!

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

Usually in the morning I have always been busy, once there was the school, then university, then work. But it happened a time when I hadn’t to follow lessons anylonger and worked in the afternoon, and unexpectedly I had time for me in the early hours of the day and I did not know how to use them, and I found out that you can be very productive before lunch .
Or very lazy.


It was a time in my life I was really  full of activities, and the idea of having free hours seemed like a luxury that I wasn’t familiar with. I definitely needed to unplug from the routine and enjoy a little this new time.

And it was then that I began to see How I met Your Mother.
It was a suggestion coming from my brother, I have to admit, that was already a fan…

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“…Ricapitolando…” serie tv e ricette – Parte 2

In questi anni ho cercato di dare un po’ di consigli su serie tv e libri che secondo me vanno anche sapute abbinare a cibi, bevande, atmosfere, musiche e umore, ma soprattutto alle stagioni; sono arrivata a più di duecento post e  mi sono persa io stessa, perciò eccomi qua a fare di nuovo un piccolo riassunto … Continua a leggere “…Ricapitolando…” serie tv e ricette – Parte 2

“Oh Peralta!”

Mio fratello è un addicted molto selettivo, perciò quando mi consiglia un libro o una serie tv, sono propensa a seguire le sue indicazioni e – fermo restando che ognuno ha i suoi gusti e le sue preferenze – devo dire che fino ad oggi non ha mai sbagliato un colpo. In estate mi disse … Continua a leggere “Oh Peralta!”