“Skipped Christmas with Cookies and Margarita”

When I watch the TV series set in warm places like Australia or California and I find the Christmas episode, I get a great envy. I can’t tolerate the cold, and as much as I like the snow, hot chocolate and the front of the fireplace, I would exchange all this immediately and without regret … Continua a leggere “Skipped Christmas with Cookies and Margarita”

“Down in the mind”

"Sarah Kinmount: <<What? >> Justin Donnelly: <<There's nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it's quite remarkable. A child powerless against abuse often creates other personalities or alters to survive the trauma.>> ”[1] The phenomenon of multiple personality has always fascinated and frightened me, the idea that a person can "host" various and numerous individuality (from two … Continua a leggere “Down in the mind”

Classics: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

  “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” [1]   << This book speaks with me ! >> How many times have we thought that, in front of a novel? A story that really seems to get closer to our daily life , or that for some mysterious reason … Continua a leggere Classics: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”