“Better the Devil (in a Prada dress) you know”

As I am not the classic girl who goes into raptures at the prospect of an afternoon of shopping , in fact, more than once I pretended being influenced to avoid them , I must admit that reading this book made me want to dress better, cure details, manicure , buy jewellery , hats , handbags, shoes … ah shoes …… ..

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

Imagine the beach in lateSummer, early in the morning when the sun is still forgiving tumblr_mp35gsh8hy1qhb2u5o1_r7_500and the sand is wet from the night ‘s events, a nice bowl of ice cream , the right soundtrack * to feel like stars in disguise , sun glasses … and “The devil Wears Prada . ” The novel. Remember when I told you not to trust the books with  covers too ” Vogue ” style? … .. Oops ! Well , how is it that you say … the exception that makes the rule.
Yes, once again, I find myself talking about a book that roughly certainly most of you will have seen in the movie version ! And once again I invite you to follow the advice to go back to the source and read the Lauren Weisberger novel[1]; because , despite a stellar cast that…

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“Skipped Christmas with Cookies and Margarita”

When I watch the TV series set in warm places like Australia or California and I find the Christmas episode, I get a great envy. I can’t tolerate the cold, and as much as I like the snow, hot chocolate and the front of the fireplace, I would exchange all this immediately and without regret … Continua a leggere “Skipped Christmas with Cookies and Margarita”

“The Closer: Desserts And Crimes”

*Chocolate Pleasure (the recipe is a variation of Cake au chocolat praline by Pierre Herm)   Ingredients (for Praline noisette) - 60 g hazelnut praline - 60 g of hazelnut paste - 30 g of milk chocolate 45% - 60 g of crepes dentelles crumbled - 10 g of burro25 g of chopped hazelnuts (For … Continua a leggere “The Closer: Desserts And Crimes”

“The Wii”

The wii and I  had a fight. Definitely there were disagreements for a while , but today it was much worse. For those who don't know what the wii is, well it is an instrument that lazy and antisocial people like me, use to stay in good shape  and avoid taking the form of the … Continua a leggere “The Wii”