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“Keepers, Erebon, soup and beer”

the final book is coming….

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

When someone I know writes a book it’s a problem. Yes, because it could be the masterpiece of the Century, but more likely I might not like it, but knowing the author, I face the dilemma: “should I be ruthless and tell him/her? Or should I play along with it?

Working as a freelance editor, I have to capture every flaw before every merit (and there are a lot in a book! Both: flaws and merits), so I get always a bit confused  when someone I know tells me that he has written a book.

And if this person is my brother, and if, besides making me read  a preview he also asks me to check it then the question becomes epic.

My brother has always been a great little genius, so I never had doubts that the book was well written and the plot was fluid.

But would I…

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“Save Fantasy, Save the World!!”

Okonomiyaki(the recipe is taken from an Expo2015 cookbook) Ingredients for 2 Okonomiyaki For the dough: - 300 grams Flour- 2 eggs- 400ml of water- Head cabbage to taste- Bulldog sauce- Prepared for Okonomiyaki For the dressing “Okonomi” means “whatever you want”, and that's why we can indulge ourselves when we prepare this dish, trying new… Continua a leggere “Save Fantasy, Save the World!!”

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“Salva la Fantasia, salva il Mondo”

Okonomiyaki (la ricetta è presa come spunto da un ricettario di Expo2015 e personalizzata da me)     Ingredienti per 2 Okonomiyaki Per l’impasto: - 300 grammi Farina - 2 Uova - 400ml di acqua - Cavolo cappuccio q.b. - Salsa Bulldog - Preparato per Okonomiyaki Per il condimento “Okonomi” significa “quello che vuoi“, ed è… Continua a leggere “Salva la Fantasia, salva il Mondo”

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” Apple Pie & Crystal Shoes “

Once upon a time, in a boot-shaped wasteland, there was a girl perplexed by the fact that although they were inept and a bad example for little girls, the princesses of fairy tales always defeated the villains. [...] This perplexed girl, growing up, had become more and more team-villains and she wanted alternative versions in… Continua a leggere ” Apple Pie & Crystal Shoes “