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“Life is not a Movie”

Life is not a movie.
Life is not a novel.
Life is not, undoubtedly, a movie based of a novel.

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

Life is not a movie.
Life is not a novel.
Life is not, undoubtedly, a movie based of a novel.

I know, I did not have to tell you; But it is good to rehiterate it because from time to time we tend to forget it and it’s easy to find our selfeves complicating everything.

– And even if it was, a movie or novel I mean, my writer must have been drunk, that would explain many things, such as the systematic alternation of empty and flat periods and others when I perpetually go into trouble. –

Come on, do not tell me you have never fantasized when your hand have met the one of an unknown stranger over the last litre of milk, your eyes crossed and to “take it” <<no, you were first >> << I insist, take it >> << you are so kind, I just needed…

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Tv Series Rehab_eng

“Scream(ing) in the Summer”

Currently the first two seasons are available on Netflix, but after the special Halloween 2016, there is a third and final (rumours) season made of six episodes.

We are still waiting

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

The horrortumblr_n141rcaide1sl1yruo1_500has never been my favourite kind, but there has been a Summer during my teenage years when a series of such films stepped out and so I have seen them all, becoming almost a fan.

Rarely these stories make me really scared, insted their soundtracks leave  me with that sense of subdued anguish , but to be honest a few scenes let me also with sleepless nights.

Although not an expert I know the main rule:


scream-mtv-season-2-announce1so when I heard that they would have created a TV series from a horror saga I was very much intrigued. I find it already difficult to make the film sequel, but even a TV show? How?

Criticism and vaguely sceptical – for the cast of teenagers, for the genre, for the usual bad guy with the mask -, I arranged an energetic bowl of popcorn *, a nice glass of…

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Tv Series Rehab

“Benvenuti a Wayward Pines, la vostra ultima dimora…”

Inverno, armate di copertina e caffè appena fatto, io e la mia amica Anna ci mettiamo al computer in cerca di qualche serie tv nuova e avvincente.  Abbiamo chiacchierato, abbiamo sistemato la stanza, siamo anche uscite a fare la classica passeggiata in paese, ora ci meritiamo relax nel tepore caldo di quattro mura. Guardiamo serie… Continue reading “Benvenuti a Wayward Pines, la vostra ultima dimora…”

Libri & Altri Rimedi

“Scrivere è un mestiere pericoloso!”

  È Inverno, piena notte, il cielo ha deciso di venire giù a secchiate mentre si scatenano fulmini e tuoni. Un improvviso calo di corrente mi fa quasi urlare, mi trattengo a stento dal correre nel lettone dei miei come facevo da bambina. Ma non è certo il temporale a terrorizzarmi, è il libro che… Continue reading “Scrivere è un mestiere pericoloso!”

Un tuffo nel Classico

I Classici: “Lo strano caso del Dottor Jekyll & Mr Hyde”

« Ma l’intrinseco dualismo delle mie intenzioni gravava su di me come una maledizione, e mentre i miei propositi di pentimento cominciavano a perdere mordente, la parte peggiore di me, così a lungo appagata, e di recente messa alla catena, prese a ringhiare. (...) e come accade a chi persegue vizi privati, alla fine cedetti… Continue reading I Classici: “Lo strano caso del Dottor Jekyll & Mr Hyde”