“Sometimes the only way to stay Sane is to go a little Crazy”

“In a strange way we were free. We'd reached the end of the line. We had nothing more to lose. Our privacy, our liberty, our dignity: all of this was gone and we were stripped down to the bare bones of our selves” [1] I do not often see the film first - beautiful, exciting, attractive: … Continua a leggere “Sometimes the only way to stay Sane is to go a little Crazy”

“Life is not a Movie”

Life is not a movie. Life is not a novel. Life is not, undoubtedly, a movie based of a novel.   I know, I did not have to tell you; But it is good to rehiterate it because from time to time we tend to forget it and it’s easy to find our selfeves complicating … Continua a leggere “Life is not a Movie”

“God save us from Cupid”

I’m  absolutely certain about three things: that men and women are from different planets , that Cupid is a bastard and that all the good foods make you fat .  The first conviction stems from the fact that after 21 centuries of forced cohabitation on the Earth , men and women don’t have established a … Continua a leggere “God save us from Cupid”