“The Horoscope”

I state that a year ago, maybe more, a self-styled friend (no longer in the phonebook, who knows why) gave me a subscription to "zed horoscope" on the phone. Now, in addition to reacting with a “WhoHasAskedToYou” and thinking that some people would really need to mind their business, I've had to take it because … Continua a leggere “The Horoscope”

“Are you friendzoning me?!?!”

Let’s speak out , the friend zone is a social evil that is advancing silently without mercy . It has indiscriminately hit men and women, adults and teenagers, reality and fiction, and the symptoms are different and therefore recognising them is very very difficult. For those who do not know what the friend zone is, … Continua a leggere “Are you friendzoning me?!?!”