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“Words, Secrets and Purple Rain”

Two women, Vida and Margareth, a story, precisely the thirteenth, which brings them together and puts them against each other, one next to the other. How can I describe this novel in one word? Magnetic. Without understanding why, you find yourself drawn to the folds of history. The words, written in a “Bronte” style have the power to nail you to the pages, they are so stimulating that they seem like those of a spell.

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

“Of course I loved books more than people.”[1]

I have to admit it; I made the typical mistake that I always recommend you not to do: I chose the book from the cover! But you have to understand me: a book with books on it! How could I resist? I.
The well-known bookaholic????

Shelves are full of books with covers of the kind, badly written, but I was lucky because in this used book market I found this really not bad volume.
Ok first of all let’s prepare a nice Naked Cake with the Caramello Salato’s recipe, let’s settle on the rocking chair in the patio (in the absence of which you can run around the city / town until you find one, … or you can look for a play area and equipped with antihistamines, mosquito repellent and Walkman … or for the more contemporary an ipod…

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“Parole, Segreti & Pioggia Viola”

Devo ammetterlo, ho fatto il tipico errore che vi raccomando sempre di non commettere: ho scelto il libro dalla copertina! Ma dovete capirmi: un libro con sopra dei libri! Come potevo resistere? Io. La rinomata bookaholic???? Sono stata fortunata, perché di libri con copertine del genere scritti coi piedi ne sono pieni gli scaffali, ma in… Continua a leggere “Parole, Segreti & Pioggia Viola”