“Just… WHY?”

Today I woke up with a polemic streak, maybe it's raining outside, it's gray, it's Saturday but it seems like an eternal Monday, or an eternal Sunday. I have lost track of time. Of space. Of me. A bit of normality is back, which then, let's face it, but who wants normality. I certainly don't. … Continua a leggere “Just… WHY?”

“Words, Secrets and Purple Rain”

Two women, Vida and Margareth, a story, precisely the thirteenth, which brings them together and puts them against each other, one next to the other. How can I describe this novel in one word? Magnetic. Without understanding why, you find yourself drawn to the folds of history. The words, written in a “Bronte” style have the power to nail you to the pages, they are so stimulating that they seem like those of a spell.

Through The Mirror

“Of course I loved books more than people.”[1]

I have to admit it; I made the typical mistake that I always recommend you not to do: I chose the book from the cover! But you have to understand me: a book with books on it! How could I resist? I.
The well-known bookaholic????

Shelves are full of books with covers of the kind, badly written, but I was lucky because in this used book market I found this really not bad volume.
Ok first of all let’s prepare a nice Naked Cake with the Caramello Salato’s recipe, let’s settle on the rocking chair in the patio (in the absence of which you can run around the city / town until you find one, … or you can look for a play area and equipped with antihistamines, mosquito repellent and Walkman … or for the more contemporary an ipod…

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“Murders and Religion: always a winning combination”

* Bubble and Squeak(the recipe is from my English friend, John) Ingredients for 4 people: - 500 gr of potatoes- 2 onions-  Salt and Pepper To Taste.- 50 g of butter- 400 g of Brussels sprouts- Vegetable oil to taste PREPARATION Peel and cut the potatoes into cubes, place them in a pot of salted … Continua a leggere “Murders and Religion: always a winning combination”

“A Soundrack for llaF”

STRAWBERRIES WITH CREAM CORRECT WITH BELLINI(the recipe is mine) Ingredients (4 - 5 people):- strawberries, g 600-sugar, 60 g- lemon, 1/2 (the juice)-liquor, 1 small glass (of the type you prefer)- fresh whipping cream, 300 ml- icing sugar, g 40- 120 ml of peach juice- 4 glasses of prosecco Preparation Quickly wash the strawberries under … Continua a leggere “A Soundrack for llaF”

“The First Love is never forgotten… ( but which?)” – part II

Previosly:“The First Love is never forgotten… ( but which?)” – part I The important stages. So first kiss. First I love you. First time. The first I love you.   I want to emphasize that I am not telling certain brawls! If anything, if I really must, I do it in writing. Oh god I … Continua a leggere “The First Love is never forgotten… ( but which?)” – part II