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“In my Day”

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

My look is quite misleading.
I have a sweet face, framed by a fall of light brown almost golden curls (well, I actually have red fire shaved on one side hair, but these are just details), and for nothing in the world people would think “this is a B**ch”.
About love.
This is what we are talking about!
I do not easily fall in love. Just ask those poor wretches of my former guys.

It is not in my attitude: I do not cry for a romantic movie (indeed if I can, I totally avoid to watch it!), the animal puppies do not send me into raptures (but human puppies yes, I admit, how beautiful are those small smelly feet???), I hate to go shopping (except for books), I stain myself when I eat and I am literally allergic to the word “marriage”.
And so what, would you…

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Men, Women and Other Aliens

“Never order chicken on a First Date”

Still true

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

First date is quite important to understand each other , in my opinion. Yes , because it is the time when you want to impress and it shows off a number of goodies textbook . You want to look smarter , more beautiful, more pleasant, more stimulant, let’s face it , everyone has lied at least a little on the first date . But that is why I consider it a fundamental test: if, even with all the masks and magic tricks, you are not interesting, imagine it without  … right ?!

angry-brainI never went to the first date with the idea of finding the PerfectOne, indeed, we can say that for me it is more a social experiment, like: what would you strategically use to impress? Beauty, sympathy? Culture? Common interests? Diversity?
When it comes to me, I try to be as natural as possible, however in general there…

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“App in tutte le lingue del Mondo”

Il linguaggio moderno è sempre più globalizzato, al giorno d'oggi i termini che vengono appresi sono universali e basta pronunciare parole come app, network e social per essere compresi da chiunque e in qualunque parte della Terra.  Eppure, di ritorno da una vacanza in terra spagnola, mi ha travolto un irrefrenabile desiderio di apprendere una… Continue reading “App in tutte le lingue del Mondo”