“Murder is Served”

*Spring rolls (The recipe is my version of a track found on the web) Ingredients (4 people) - 125 grams of flour - 300 ml of water - 3 tablespoons cornstarch - 150 grams of pork - 100 grams of bean sprouts - 1 carrot - 2 fresh green onions - 1 tablespoon of oil … Continua a leggere “Murder is Served”

“Hannibal, Crusted Fillet And Red Wine”

Winter, strictly . Late afternoon , when the sky is still not entirely cloaked in blacks clouds but still retains some shade of blue, and a few more overbearing stars come out . In this atmosphere , make sure you locked the door and windows ( or on first draft which makes it slam you … Continua a leggere “Hannibal, Crusted Fillet And Red Wine”