“The best thing I could learn”

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

ban-gif-life-goes-on-live-favim-com-906053From school I learned that what you really learn are not the times tables or important dates but being with people you do not know and you really care about too little (or too much);
From tales I learned that there are bad guys but you can boycott them;
From volleyball I learned that the individual is strong but it is the group that makes the difference, that no matter how Mother Nature made you, but how you  bring out your grit, determination, strength, tenacity! ;
From the theater I learned that the real actors are all under the stage and that the best masks are the ones we wear every day. That if you believe in something you can make it happen. ;
From the reading I learned that if you know more than others you’ll always be one step ahead, and you will avoid the commonplace;
From the

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“Are you friendzoning me?!?!”

Thr0ugh The Mirr0r

Let’s speak out , the friend zone is a social evil that is advancing silently without mercy . It has indiscriminately hit men and women, adults and teenagers, reality and fiction, and the symptoms are different and therefore recognising them is very very difficult.
For those who do not know what the friend zone is, let me enlighten you:

tumblr_mw3582lbxw1t09u03o3_500-1424891256Like exponential diffusion, it is difficult to recognize. This is mainly because the communication between men and women has always been complex, no one has yet managed to encode a language that translates immediately from “female” to “male” and vice versa; communication in writing, as happens more and more often with social media (fb or twitter) or with the old dear sms, whatsapp and email, between the two sexes is risky .

9c3d7c37-637c-4721-ad7a-386d03119c50In the era of globalisation, it is increasingly more common to exchange contact details with foreign people and…

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I Classici: “Frankenstein, o il moderno Prometeo”

“La sua pelle gialla a malapena copriva la trama dei muscoli e delle arterie, i suoi capelli erano fluenti e di un nero lucente, i denti di un bianco perlaceo, ma questi pregi facevano solo un più orrido contrasto con gli occhi acquosi che sembravano quasi dello stesso colore delle orbite biancastre...”[1]    L'eruzione del … Continua a leggere I Classici: “Frankenstein, o il moderno Prometeo”

“Caccia alla Spia”

A chi ci si può dare credito, ci si interroga in Homeland. All’eroe di guerra creduto morto in Iraq, rinvenuto e scarcerato dopo anni di prigionia, che forse è diventato, nel frattempo, una spia di Al Qaeda? O dell’unica agente della Cia che sospetta la minaccia, ma che, nello stesso tempo, eccede nell’uso di farmaci e sembra … Continua a leggere “Caccia alla Spia”

“Is it too difficult to ask: «would you like a coffee?»”

"Hello, do you have a needle and thread? I would like to sew a button. "[1]   After reading this sentence on facebook, I had seriously thought of closing with the male gender. End of the games, I'm going to the convent. Because women do not attract me in the slightest, but if the level … Continua a leggere “Is it too difficult to ask: «would you like a coffee?»”

“The Experiment”

«This is enough! I have made my decision! I want to spend a week without any new technology. People have done it for generations and generations in the past, I was born when most of these diabolical objects werenot even in the market, so I can! I switch everything off. »   I started this experiment … Continua a leggere “The Experiment”

“The Revolt of the Machines”

  Technology hates me.And this is an incontrovertible fact.If there is a chance to put me in trouble, it will not miss the opportunity. By then, however, it had always been limited to breaking the eggs into the basket with an electronic device at a time. For example a couple of months ago the cell … Continua a leggere “The Revolt of the Machines”

“The Horoscope”

I state that a year ago, maybe more, a self-styled friend (no longer in the phonebook, who knows why) gave me a subscription to "zed horoscope" on the phone. Now, in addition to reacting with a “WhoHasAskedToYou” and thinking that some people would really need to mind their business, I've had to take it because … Continua a leggere “The Horoscope”