“Transfer syndrome”

At first I thought it was a nice coincidence. Then, always a coincidence, but a little less nice. Now I'm starting to seriously think that I have some sort of anathema launched by some gypsy or by Cupid himself, because for a calculation of probabilities, what is possible in your opinion that all - and … Continua a leggere “Transfer syndrome”

“Twenty five plus VAT”

I have been told the arrival of the 30 years was not even the 2000 millennium bug. I remember very well the millennium bug (being 30 years old will help at least to boast a few moments of life lived after for years everyone said "ah I remember it, I was there", this time I … Continua a leggere “Twenty five plus VAT”

“Am I still young?”

On a Friday night, it was once a disco with the guy. Then pub with friends. Then fish night with the family.... now it's washing machine night.Something must have gone wrong at some point, but I don't understand what. To be honest, if I wanted to go out, I would just have to text someone … Continua a leggere “Am I still young?”

“Cosmo, Men and… The City”

**COSMOPOLITANIngredients-5 parts of Vodka-3 parts of Cointreau- 2 parts of lime juice-3 parts of currant juice-Ice to tastePreparationTake a shaker, pour some ice, then the Vodka, the Cointreau, the currant juice and the lime juice. Shake well and vigorously and you will have obtained the Cosmopolitan. New York is, I think, the most cited city … Continua a leggere “Cosmo, Men and… The City”